Posting Photos of your cars

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Posting Photos of your cars

Post by Jan on Sun Jan 20, 2013 12:15 am

When posting any photos please use an outside photo host and paste the image link. "how To do this" is detailed below

First log on to a photo hosting website a popular one is
if you havn't allready got an account their, register yourself its free to do so.
upload picture you want to post to the site in your account following the easy instructions
when adding pictures to this site, start a post as you would normally do and type any text into the post
when you want to add a photo go to your photobucket page. select the photo you want then click the IMG box in the right hand colunm
it will automaticly flash copy.come back to your post on this site and right click under your text then select paste.
it should have posted a line of text starting and ending with [IMG] you can preview the post to check the image is correct before posting it

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